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Commercial Wildlife Control

Canada is rich in its diversity and quantity of wildlife, and most people have stories of wonderful encounters with wildlife and nature. From camping trips in the woods and spending summers at camp to simply watching the birds and squirrels in the park, there is much to appreciate about sharing our time and space with nature. 

Unfortunately, when so much of the quality of our existence depends upon our expansion for housing, highways, and the amenities needed to support our growing population, such as restaurants, hotels, and airports, our encounters with wildlife can become something less than positive. That’s where humane commercial wildlife control services come into play. 

Canada is home to over 80,000 species of animals, and habitat loss is severely affecting their survival. According to The Narwhal, a leader in non-profit journalism in Canada, more than 5,000 wild species are at some risk of extinction in Canada. When humans encroach on wildlife habitats as residential and commercial expansion grow, wildlife have no choice but to look to human habitats to fill their need for food, water, and adequate shelter that keeps them safe from predators and allows them to raise their young. While apartment buildings, warehouses, restaurants, and schools are excellent examples of places where wildlife can fulfill their needs, it conflicts with our need for healthy, clean, and safe places to live, work, and play. 

In addition to the loss of habitat, wildlife naturally seeks out commercial properties when temperatures drop in winter, and survival becomes a product of finding a warm and safe place for winter. 

Critter Control is a leading humane wildlife control company with offices throughout Canada with the capability and commitment to remove wildlife humanely. We then restore commercial buildings to pre-infestation conditions suitable for human habitation while returning wildlife to their natural habitat. 

Challenges of Wildlife in Commercial Properties 

Common wildlife encroaching upon commercial properties includes birds, rodents, bats, squirrels, and raccoons. While some of these animals are beneficial to our environment in many ways, they are a hazard when living amongst us for several reasons: 

  • They are carriers of disease and parasites. 
  • They create costly structural damage to buildings. 
  • They contaminate food. 
  • They cause fire hazards that put human life in jeopardy. 
  • They become aggressive when threatened or protecting their young, leaving people open to injury. 

There are many challenges when dealing with unwanted wildlife on commercial properties. Not only do different wildlife behave differently, but their different life cycles, mating seasons, migration routes, and more need to be taken into consideration when both identifying and eliminating the culprits. In addition, there are provincial and municipal regulations that must be followed, and Critter Control is a wildlife agent with the ability to catch and relocate wildlife in Canada. 

One often overlooked challenge is the habits of humans. Commercial properties obviously contain more people than a residential home would. People pose both an added risk and a hindrance to wildlife encounters. For example, people often inadvertently provide wildlife with the food they seek out. Hospitals, hotels, and restaurants have a lot of food waste to contend with that attracts rodents, raccoons, squirrels, and more. In apartment buildings, not all tenants are hygienic, and that creates a breeding ground for nuisance wildlife such as rodents. 

In addition, older buildings have gaps and cracks that provide wildlife easy access. And, properties such as warehouses, by necessity, have doors that are open much of the time, giving wildlife the ability to walk or fly in and find a cozy nesting spot. 

Seeking Professional Help With Nuisance Wildlife 

The challenges of maintaining commercial properties and the large populations using these properties make it imperative to use professional services to both eradicate wildlife when an infestation occurs and to put a plan in place to best prevent future ones as well. 

Critter Control’s expert services not only include identifying, locating, and eradicating wildlife in commercial properties but also exclusion services that help prevent further infestation and repair of the damage created by the infestation. 

Exclusion services could include putting up netting and spikes that prevent birds from landing, sealing gaps to safeguard against rodents and bats, and enclosing trash areas to eliminate access. 

Critter Control: Humane Commercial Wildlife Removal Services Experts 

With locations throughout Canada, a Critter Control specialist is never hard to find. Whether your commercial property is a small restaurant, college campus, apartment building, or industrial complex, there is no job, large or small, that Critter Control Canada cannot manage. 

As the leading industry expert in commercial wildlife removal, exclusion, and repair services, Critter Control specialists are trained and certified in the safest, most effective, and humane solutions to wildlife control. With over 40 years of experience, Critter Control pioneered exclusion and repair services. With Critter Control, not only is the nuisance wildlife gone, but the roof they tore open, the wires they chewed, and the hazardous feces they left behind are fixed and sanitized. 

When you need fast, experienced, and thorough humane removal of the wildlife threatening your commercial property, Critter Control stands above other providers in the industry. Call Critter Control for a free inspection and to learn how our highly trained specialists can help protect your commercial property from damage and the potential legal jeopardy that could arise from any accident or illness caused by an infestation. 

Critter Control’s Commercial Services 

Critter Control understands commercial properties like no other wildlife removal company. When a commercial property has a nuisance wildlife problem, we know speed, efficiency, and discretion are key. 

Each location and instance is unique: 

  • Schools and apartment buildings can have bat, rodent, or bird issues that pose health issues to occupants. 
  • Restaurants and hotels often have rodent issues that will not only turn customers away but could shut down services or lessen customer satisfaction when a bad health inspection citation is given. 
  • Warehouses are often plagued by birds, whose feces carry disease and pose an injury risk when slippery. 
  • Airports are also wary of birds that can cause engine trouble when landing or taking off. 

Critter Control is experienced at matching each unique situation with a specialized plan of action that humanely minimizes a commercial property’s risk. Preventive services can then be put in place to help keep the commercial property wildlife-free. 

Let Critter Control show you why commercial properties in Canada, from hospitals and grocery stores to retailers and gas stations, depend on Critter Control for humane animal removal solutions. Visit our Office Finder to find a Critter Control Canada office near you