Wildlife Removal in Mississauga

At Critter Control, our team is available to help with any and all wildlife removal needs you may have in Mississauga. Our methods are both humane and effective, ensuring we maintain a high level of service while also adhering to all regulations. We start with identifying the animal causing your home or business trouble, which may include raccoons or rodents. From there, we develop a removal plan that is tailored to your situation. Once the animals are gone, we seal entry points, so they don’t come back. If damage has been done, our team works to make the appropriate repairs and ensure your property is as good as new.

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Wildlife Removal

We plan a custom wildlife removal process that includes trapping to eliminate animals from your property humanely. 

Wildlife Exclusions

Once we have humanely removed the animal, our team aims to prevent future infestations by implementing exclusion methods, such as sealing entry points.

Animal Damage Repair

After securing your property, we provide restoration services to fix any damage caused by wildlife and disinfect affected areas.

Wildlife Removal in Mississauga, ON

Mississauga home and business owners will likely experience nuisance wildlife from early spring to late fall, often from March to November. In the winter, many animals are less active due to the cold weather. 

Wildlife habitats are often dotted throughout urban and suburban settings because of food, water, and shelter access. As urbanization takes over and certain areas develop, animals are forced to search for resources near homes and commercial areas. Mississauga in particular, is partially situated on Lake Ontario, with two major rivers flowing through the city. This provides plenty of opportunities for wildlife to thrive.

The Critter Control Difference

Our team is comprised of highly-skilled professionals who have years of experience dealing with various wildlife concerns. Every task we take on involves three steps: Inspection, removal, and repair. We aim to provide comprehensive results that are safe, effective, and humane.


Identification is an important part of wildlife removal. It guides how we will tackle the infestation since each animal has unique habits and requires different removal methods. During this step, we inspect entry points and examine for scat, footprints, and nesting materials. We will also inspect for babies, which is common in the case of squirrels or raccoons. Despite the diverse tactics and adaptations of wildlife, we are sure to determine what animal has invaded your space as we plan for the next steps.


During the removal process, our team may employ a few different methods depending on the type of wildlife they are dealing with. Traps and bait are our two most common approaches, and we ensure that our team follows all regulations and municipal ordinances when tackling the removal process. Completing this step may take time, depending on the animal and the extent of the infestation. Rest assured that we do not cut corners, and only once all wildlife has been removed will we go on to the next step.

Repair & Exclusion

Once the wildlife is gone from your premises, our work is not done. We provide a comprehensive service for complete peace of mind. With that, our final step is to repair and sanitize any damage caused by wildlife. We also implement various measures for exclusion to ensure that animals do not re-enter through the same access point or another area on your property. This step can be essential for wildlife that gnaws or leave pathogens behind from their excrement. 

Types of Wildlife for Removal in Mississauga

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are intelligent and dexterous, making them increasingly problematic for property owners. They are also adept at surviving in urban areas, sometimes climbing up homes or businesses to break into easily accessible areas and nest.

In a short span of time, raccoons can cause considerable damage. They may run through ductwork or chew wires, leaving behind urine and feces that can be dangerous to human health.

Squirrel Removal

Mississauga has a cold climate, so when the temperature begins to drop, squirrels will seek out a warm place to build a nest, just like other rodents do. In their search for shelter from the cold, they take advantage of vulnerabilities in homes, finding access to attics, chimneys, basements, and crawlspaces. When entering homes, they can cause extensive damage to roofing materials, soffits, and siding.

Bat Removal

Even when bats are contained in your attic, they can be a serious problem for homeowners. Bats will defecate and urinate where they roost, causing stains, odour, and very unsanitary conditions. Their guano is associated with several diseases that are dangerous to humans.

While bats are truly beneficial animals because of the number of insects they consume, they need to live outside of your attic or chimney.

Do you need our help?

Rat Pest Control

Rats can be found in various areas throughout Mississauga. They are part of every urban ecosystem and nearly impossible to expunge because of their ability to adapt and man’s tendency to leave unwanted food behind. Our home is the one place we’d rather not share with rats, yet our homes present a relatively safe and productive environment for them.

Mice Pest Control

Mice account for a large percentage of total wildlife removal calls in Mississauga. They’re prone to seek nesting space in any structure, from a home to a backyard shed.

Skunk Control

Skunks are relatively shy animals, happy to live off the food scraps discarded by humans. But once startled, their defensive spray will leave a stench for days. They like to build their burrows by digging, often under decks, porches, woodpiles, or sheds.

While skunks can be unsightly, they are not uncommon in Mississauga. Female skunks usually give birth to about four to seven kits in the spring, or early summer, which might account for the increase in skunk smells during this time of year.

Gopher and Groundhog Removal

Gophers and groundhogs are two burrowing creatures well-known for causing damage in Mississauga. While they’re relatively harmless, their digging habits can damage your lawn, garden, and even your home’s foundation.

How to Prevent Future Wildlife Infestations

After the initial shock and concern you have from discovering wildlife in your home or commercial building, your following thoughts may be, how did they enter in the first place? Maintaining your space to be a safe and clean environment is likely your top priority. However, wildlife is intelligent and opportunistic, often entering through areas you may not check often. Once they have been removed, our team at Critter Control will work to restore any damage they may have caused and sanitize the space as necessary. 

Once this step is complete, our team specializes in wildlife exclusion practices. We work to seal potential entry points, including the one that was most likely used, and modify animal habitats. We understand that once our services have concluded, you may be on high alert regarding the likelihood of another animal entering your home or commercial building. Here are some actionable tips to help prevent the need for wildlife removal on your Mississauga property:

  • Once per season, do a walkabout of your property. Scan for potential entry points, bearing in mind that wildlife can fit through openings much smaller than they are. Screen your vents and check for initial damage to any siding or outdoor spaces. Complete repairs as needed and be diligent about areas of concern throughout the season. 
  • Ensure your trash and recycling are stored securely. Animals are attracted to food sources, and kitchen leftovers will bring them onto your property. Take precautions by keeping bins inside where possible, or, if they need to be outdoors, have a lid-locking system in place to stop wildlife from accessing them. 
  • Clean and maintain green space in your yard. This includes keeping the grass cut, trimming back unkempt foliage from trees or bushes, and checking your firewood pile, if you have one. Animals may find solace in these spaces, bringing them one step closer to your door. Without anywhere on your property for them to hide or build a nest, they will likely move on somewhere else. 

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How Critter Control’s Professional Wildlife Services Can Help You

Professional wildlife experts, like the team at Critter Control, have the knowledge and training needed to remove nuisance wildlife safely. This includes resources and equipment not available to the general public, making us a top choice for wildlife removal in Mississauga. Hiring our team, you can count on our:

  • Extensive training on all wildlife and their habits
  • Licensure and Insurance
  • Tools and equipment to provide safe and humane services

What’s more, Critter Control specializes in removing feces and urine to ensure your property is restored to how it should be, even after animals are no longer on your property. We are proud to provide professional consultations to all our clients and aim to respond to your concerns as quickly as possible. Do you have a wildlife problem that needs to be removed in Mississauga? Reach out to us today.

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