Wildlife Removal in Toronto

Critter Control is here to help with your nuisance wildlife problems in Toronto. We bring decades of experience in the industry and are proud to be a wildlife removal company that supports you throughout the process. Our team focuses on inspections, removals, and exclusion and repair to offer a comprehensive service. If you have raccoons, rodents, or other wildlife problems, we have the solution. Once we identify the animal on your property, we begin humane removal methods. After these are complete, we seal entryways and complete full repairs if any damage was done to your home or business.

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Wildlife Removal

Our removal plans are always customized to your unique situation. We use wildlife removal methods such as humane trapping and other techniques necessary to get the job done safely and effectively.

Wildlife Exclusions

After we have removed the wildlife from your property, we identify areas for exclusion to prevent further infestations. This is done by sealing entry points and through other efficient approaches.

Animal Damage Repair

Even after wildlife is gone, it can leave behind various reminders of its presence. Our team looks after restoring your interior and exterior to how it once was, and disinfecting areas impacted by wildlife to ensure peace of mind.

What are the Major Wildlife Removal Concerns in Toronto, ON?

Toronto is an active city filled with various neighbourhoods and pockets of green space. Bordering Lake Ontario, there are also select wooded areas with abundant wildlife. However, the city continues to grow significantly and, as a result of continued urbanization, eliminated or shrunk many wildlife habitats in the area. This forces many animals into residential areas and commercial spaces where they can easily access shelter and food.

The Critter Control Difference

Our team has spent time identifying and learning about various wildlife in the Toronto area. We leverage our skills and have vast experience dealing with common and uncommon infestations throughout the city. We focus our efforts on three distinct stages: inspection, removal, and repair. We have found this is the best way to serve our customers and effectively deal with their wildlife removal concerns in Toronto. 


Before we can plan an effective strategy for removal, we first identify the issue. Each animal leaves behind different signs to help us correctly determine the wildlife we are dealing with. Entry points, scat, footprints, and evidence of nesting materials all factor in understanding what has invaded your home or business. During this stage, we will also identify if there are any babies present, which is often possible in the case of raccoons or squirrels. After completing our inspection, we can accurately determine the safe and humane removal methods.


This stage may look a little different depending on the type of wildlife within your home or business. Techniques to remove these animals often include traps and bait to lure them away from your property. Our team strictly adheres to all provincial regulations and relevant municipal bylaws throughout this process. Once we have implemented our removal methods, it may take a few days or weeks to displace the animals from your home or business fully. We complete thorough inspections throughout the process and only move onto the final stage once we confirm all animals have been removed.

Repair & Exclusion

In order to provide a comprehensive service, our job does not end once the wildlife is gone. Rather, we switch gears and focus our efforts on sanitizing affected areas and repairing any damage that the infestation may have caused. This stage is significant as the urine and feces left behind from wildlife can cause health concerns and create further structural damage. From there, we take our time to determine potential entry points, sealing them as we go to ensure wildlife does not enter your property in the same way, or any other way, for that matter. 

Types of Wildlife for Removal in Toronto

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are present throughout the city, often creating a nuisance in the evening as they are nocturnal creatures. They adapt easily to urban environments where they may end up in sheds or attics looking for food and shelter from the changing seasons.

Once inside, raccoons make themselves at home and can make quick work of their surroundings. Damage might include excessive urine and feces or chewed framing, wires, and broken ducts, depending on how they enter. Several health risks are also associated with raccoons, such as roundworms and diseases like rabies.

Squirrel Removal

While they may avoid buildings throughout the summer, the cold weather in Toronto means squirrels will turn to places that can provide shelter for nesting, similar to other rodents. They can fit into small areas and easily tear apart insulation and building materials in attics, basements, crawlspaces, and chimneys. Squirrels will often target roofs as a place for shelter, tearing apart soffits and siding in the process. 

Bat Removal

Another nocturnal animal, you might be unaware that you have bats in your attic or chimney. Although they benefit your area due to their ability to eat insects, it is unsafe for them to roost in your home or business due to their urine and feces. These excrements create staining, and unsanitary and potentially hazardous health conditions. Additionally, they may carry rabies, such as a bat found in High Park in 2021.  Although transmission rates from these animals are low, the rabies virus can seriously impact human health.

Do you need our help?

Rat Pest Control

A rodent very ingrained into city life is rats. They are highly adaptive and opportunistic, seeking out human food and shelter throughout the City of Toronto. While we would rather keep rats out of our properties, they are drawn to these environments where they can rapidly grow their populations. They present both a health threat to humans and a structural threat to buildings due to their ability to chew through various materials.

Mice Pest Control

Similar to rats, mice are capable of living almost anywhere in Toronto. In fact, they make up a considerable amount of wildlife removal calls. Since they are small, they can nest almost anywhere. Additionally, detecting mice in your home or business may be more difficult until they have reached an infestation level. 

Skunk Control

For the most part, skunks are known to be shy and aloof, avoiding humans where possible. However, their presence is known far and wide once they are scared. You can smell skunk spray for days. They might forage in gardens or other green spaces in Toronto and seek shelter under decks and porches, burrowing into the ground and hiding in plain sight.

Bird Control

Many cities, Toronto included, can face challenges with large bird populations that flock to urban areas. Both pigeons and starlings can be a danger for home and business owners, due to their adaptable roosting methods. If these birds nest in vents or chimneys, they can increase the chance for fire hazards. Unsanitary conditions are also a cause for concern, since bird feces has the potential to spread various diseases. 

How to Prevent Future Wildlife Infestations

It can be difficult to detect how wildlife entered your home or commercial building. Once removal is complete, the next logical step is to seal off entry points, so there is no chance of a repeat infestation. Even areas you check often could be seen as an open door to the right animal. Critter Control is committed to our exclusion process, where we seal holes or other spaces to prevent wildlife from re-entering and modify habitats as needed. 

For many, prevention is often a concern until after they have dealt with an animal issue. Steps can be taken to mitigate your need for wildlife removal in Toronto, which can greatly benefit property owners. Below we’ve compiled a list of suggestions to help keep your space safe:

  • Search for openings seasonally. Although spring and fall are common times of year for wildlife to enter your home, they can invade anytime. Look for small holes and ripped or torn exterior materials like siding and soffits. Place screens on necessary vents to reduce the chance of animals entering. Make any necessary repairs to ensure your home or commercial property is as secure as it can be
  • Avoid leaving out food or trash. Wildlife is drawn to easily accessible food sources, whether that be on your counter or outside. Practice due diligence by sealing your trash and recycling in appropriate bins and putting away any food as soon as you are done with it.
  • Perform regular yard maintenance. While it might not seem like a big deal, animals will look for places to hide in plain sight before entering your property. Cutting the grass, cleaning up leaves, and trimming back foliage will make a difference. Additionally, ensure the space around your garage, shed, and firewood pile is kept clear of unnecessary debris.

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