Critter Control Services

For more than 40 years, we have built on our knowledge and experience as a humane wildlife removal company, supporting residential and commercial property owners. Our team has the tools and expertise to rid your home or business of nuisance wildlife, ensuring they don’t come back and the nested area is appropriately cleaned, and disinfected and restored to its previous state.

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Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife Removal

Putting together a tailored strategy, we start with a complete inspection. Once we find the entry point, we use one-way doors or traps to remove the animal.

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Animal Damage Repair

Once indoors, animals can cause significant structural damage, including to the roof and chimney or by soiling insulation. Critter Control Canada’s specialists can help restore affected areas of your property to pre-infestation conditions.

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Wildlife Exclusion

Once wildlife is removed, habitat modification and exclusion measures are paramount to stop problems from happening again. Our team uses several methods depending on the animal and building material to provide a comprehensive solution. Learn More.

Dead Animal Removal

An animal may invade your property and then die behind the walls or in the attic of your home or business. For safe removal, trust our specialists to handle this issue from start to finish.

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Residential Services

Animals can quickly cause problems in your home, potentially endangering your family and pets in search of food and shelter. Not to worry, as our team is well-versed in residential wildlife removal.

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Commercial Services

Depending on the size and industry of a business, wildlife problems tend to be vast and against legal regulations. We work efficiently to remove immediate infestations and set up preventative measures to stop issues from recurring.

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