Nuisance Wildlife

Animals that invade your property come in all shapes and sizes. At Critter Control Canada, our specialists understand the unique behavioural patterns associated with various nuisance wildlife species. This knowledge, in combination with our tools and expertise, allows us to provide strategic solutions for removal.

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Nuisance Wildlife


Raccoons, agile and intelligent, infiltrate properties seeking food and shelter. They raid trash bins, gardens, and attics, posing disease risks like rabies.


Squirrels enter through holes and attics, causing damage by gnawing. They pose fire hazards by chewing on electrical wires, risking property destruction.


Sneaky and adaptable, rats invade homes via small openings. They contaminate food, spread diseases like leptospirosis, and damage structures with gnawing.


Bats invade properties, seeking roosts in attics or vents. Their droppings carry a fungus that can cause diseases like histoplasmosis, and they may transmit rabies.


Birds, drawn to structures for shelter, create nests. Their droppings can corrode surfaces, spread diseases, and attract pests, impacting property aesthetics and health.


Mice, tiny and prolific, infiltrate through gaps. They consume and contaminate food, transmit diseases, and cause structural damage, posing health hazards.


Chipmunks burrow under structures and invade gardens for food. Their digging damages lawns, and they may carry ticks, posing health risks.


Groundhogs are skilled diggers and create burrows near foundations. Their digging undermines structures, and they consume gardens, impacting landscaping and property stability.

Stinging Insects

Stinging insects, like bees and wasps, nest in eaves or on structures. Their presence poses a risk of painful stings and allergic reactions, requiring professional removal.

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