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Brandon Thorsell is an exceptionally experienced professional in the field of wildlife control, currently serving as the District Manager at Critter Control in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). A lifetime of exposure to wildlife control has fortified his unparalleled expertise in the field. After successfully completing his university education in 2008, Brandon consciously chose to dedicate his career to the wildlife control industry. He joined his family's Critter Control franchise, established in 1990, and began accruing invaluable hands-on experience. His academic background, coupled with his practical experience, has endowed him with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and challenges involved in wildlife control. Having recently become a part of Rollins, INC., Brandon is excited about the continuous growth and evolution of the industry. With the emergence of new markets and the introduction of innovative techniques and technology, he eagerly embraces the opportunities to enhance his expertise further and deliver exceptional services to his clients. Beyond his professional pursuits, Brandon is a family man who cherishes quality time with his loved ones. They often retreat to their cottage located in the northern regions, where they engage in various outdoor activities. Whether it's fishing, swimming, or gathering around a campfire, Brandon and his family fully immerse themselves in the beauty and serenity of nature. Brandon Thorsell's extensive background, rooted in a lifetime of wildlife control experience and complemented by his academic achievements, has equipped him with an exceptional level of expertise. As the District Manager of Critter Control, he is a significant contributor to the industry's continuous growth and evolution, ensuring that the wildlife control needs of Toronto and the GTA are met with the highest standards of professionalism and efficacy.

What is Wildlife Exclusion? Why Does It Matter?

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Protecting Your Cottage from Wildlife Intrusions

Protecting Your Cottage from Wildlife Intrusions

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