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Raccoon Entry Points

It’s bad enough when raccoons become a nuisance when ruining gardens or raiding garbage cans, but they can be truly destructive when they get inside your attic, chimneys, or walls. In the wild, they create dens in high-up tree cavities as the height gives them protection from predators. But when their natural habitats fall short, …

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How to Identify Raccoon Presence: Most Common Signs

Raccoon populations are rising across the Canada, creating problems for homeowners. Raccoons are attracted to properties with plentiful food sources, like citrus and other fruit trees, gardens, and access to garbage. They also love water, like swimming pools, ponds, and fountains. You will notice specific signs of raccoons on or near your property. When you …

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How to Keep Raccoons Out of Trash Cans

Raccoons have several attributes that make them fascinating and intimidating. They are highly intelligent, clever, and curious. When searching for food, their nimble hands allow them access to food you think is secure in a trash can. Raccoons are agile and can climb almost any surface. While they struggle to climb smooth, vertical structures, they …

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Raccoons in the Winter

Raccoons have thick coats, nimble hands, and clever minds. They are resourceful and quickly adapt to all styles of living, including in urban areas. They must prepare for seasonal changes, especially in winter when it is not easy to scavenge for food. While some animals prepare to hibernate for the winter, raccoons prepare for torpor, …

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