Wildlife Removal in Vancouver

At Critter Control, we’re dedicated to helping you with any nuisance wildlife issues you may have in your home or business in Vancouver. With years of experience in the industry, we take pride in being a humane wildlife removal company that offers comprehensive support and solutions that are humane and safe for all involved. With Critter Control, our expertise involves using secure methods to remove animals, sealing entryways, and repairing any damage left behind.

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Wildlife Removal

Our humane wildlife removal methods are tailored to your unique situation. Our team uses ethical trapping and a range of necessary techniques to ensure our job is done safely and effectively. 

Wildlife Exclusions

After removal has been completed, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your property for potential entry points and seal these areas to prevent future animal problems. Additionally, we’ll put other effective measures in place.

Animal Damage Repair

Wildlife can leave behind traces of their presence, like damaged walls or soiled areas. Critter Control takes care of restoring your interior and exterior to their original state and disinfecting any areas impacted by wildlife.

What are the Major Wildlife Control Concerns in Vancouver?

Vancouver is a bustling coastal city surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific and snow-covered mountains. With ready access to plenty of green space and rugged terrain, the city is also densely populated, creating urban sprawl and reducing wildlife habitats in the process. It is common to see wildlife in residential or commercial areas as a result, where they can readily find food and shelter.

The Critter Control Difference

Due to Vancouver’s proximity to the water and mountains, our team has dedicated considerable time to understanding the wildlife concerns in this area. Our skills and expertise come from years of experience dealing with various wildlife concerns throughout this city and others. Our methodology begins with an inspection, followed by removal, and finally, repair. This strategy is the most effective way to serve our customers and ensure wildlife is kept outside homes and businesses.


To develop an effective strategy for humane wildlife removal, we begin by identifying the size of the entry point, scat, footprints, and nesting materials. These are all factors that aid in understanding the nature of the intrusion into your property. We also determine whether there are any offsprings present, which is often the case with raccoons or squirrels. Once we understand what kind of animal we are dealing with, we devise a plan involving humane methods. 

Wildlife Removal

The techniques employed for wildlife removal from your property are contingent on the type of animals present. Traps and bait are frequently used methods, and our approach adheres to all applicable regulations and bylaws. The removal process may extend over several weeks, during which we conduct thorough inspections throughout the process and only move on to the final stage once we confirm that all animals have been removed.

Repair & Exclusion

After the wildlife has been removed from your property, our team will focus on sanitizing affected areas and repairing any damage caused by their presence. This stage is critical for wildlife control in Vancouver because the feces and urine left behind can pose health risks and even lead to further structural damage. Additionally, we’ll seal entry points as a preventative measure to ensure no other animals can enter your home or business.

Types of Wildlife for Removal in Vancouver

Rat Control in Vancouver

As a seaport city, Vancouver may experience a higher population of rats compared to other cities. These rodents are accustomed to travelling on ships due to their adaptive and expansive nature. Rats can have many litters a year, quickly growing their numbers out of control. While you do everything you can to prevent these animals from invading, they are opportunistic and can chew through numerous materials. Rats also pose a risk to human health due to their unsanitary conditions.

Rat crawling

Mice Pest Control

Mice share numerous similarities with rats, especially in their ability to infiltrate almost anywhere throughout the city. One common issue we encounter is complaints about mice infestations. Due to their small size, they can easily navigate through small spaces, making their presence inconspicuous until droppings or nesting materials are discovered within residences or commercial establishments. As their population increase, the likelihood of detecting an infestation becomes greater.

Residential Rodent Control in Vancouver

Rodents may enter your home through open doors or small cracks that are well-suited for their small size. Once inside, it could be some time before you notice their presence. These animals leave behind feces and signs of bedding, and you may hear scratching in your walls or ceiling. Catching the problem early is paramount, as rodents can rapidly reproduce and intensify the severity of the problem.

Commercial Rodent Control in Vancouver

For business owners in Vancouver, maintaining safety and cleanliness standards is crucial across various industries, such as restaurants, warehouses, and office spaces. A key aspect of meeting these requirements involves ensuring proper rodent removal measures are in place. Particularly in larger commercial settings, preventive measures and exclusion tactics are essential to curbing potential infestations. Signs of rodent activity, such as fecal matter, damaged bedding material, electrical problems, holes, or actual sightings, should prompt immediate action, including contacting the services of professional rodent removal specialists like Critter Control.

Mice staring

Raccoon Removal

In almost every Canadian city, you’re likely to find raccoons. They are nocturnal and move around at night, often tearing through garbage and other food sources. Raccoons are comfortable in urban areas where they can find shelter to protect them from cold or rainy weather. After they’ve entered your property, raccoons will create damage by chewing through materials, potentially breaking things like ductwork, and leaving behind urine and feces. Raccoons also pose several health risks, including roundworm and rabies.

Raccoon in garage

Squirrel Removal

Although you might associate squirrels with trees and forested areas, urban spaces provide ample shelter and opportunities for these animals to thrive. Their nests are of utmost importance to them as they survey smaller areas where they can fit easily. Once inside, squirrels are known to tear apart insulation and other materials. Since these rodents prefer to be up high, they tend to target roofs, damaging soffits, siding, and shingles to create better shelter.

Squirrel eating

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Rabbit in yard

Rabbit Control

Considered an invasive species, rabbits are a unique concern in the city of Vancouver. Many of these animals have previously been pets, and populations have grown out of control. There are fines for feeding rabbits in the city, and they find their way into gardens and other foliage-filled areas to eat. Burrows can be extensive, with various areas for nesting, running, and exits. These can ruin green space on properties, bringing rabbits closer to humans and potentially passing ticks and diseases like tularemia.

bird on security camera

Bird Control

Throughout Vancouver, there are various species of birds that flock to the city. Gulls, pigeons, and starlings are common nuisances in the area, roosting on homes and businesses and creating problems in the process. The rock pigeon and European starling are considered invasive birds in Vancouver, and their droppings can be hazardous to human health. Gulls are migratory birds, and many are protected in Canada, which means the removal of their nests and control measures must follow strict regulations.

Residential Bird Control in Vancouver 

You’ll likely notice signs of a bird’s nest along grooves in your roof, within your chimney, or in cracks in your siding. Although you may be hesitant to call a wildlife control company in Vancouver, it’s essential to consider these services. Bird droppings can carry histoplasmosis, which can have negative effects on the lungs. 

Commercial Bird Control in Vancouver 

The larger your commercial space, the increased challenge there is to reduce and remove birds. At Critter Control, we employ a few different methods, such as netting, sound devices, and roof spikes. Despite these efforts, it’s important to continue ongoing inspections as strategies that remove one bird species may make room for another to swoop in.

baby bat

Bat Removal

It’s not uncommon to be unaware of bat infestations until you have one. They often roost in an attic or chimney while waiting for nightfall to eat insects. However, they pose a considerable danger to humans due to their urine and feces. The scent is pungent, but these fluids can also create staining and hazardous health conditions. Bats can also carry rabies, and although the spread to humans is rare, the rabies virus is dangerous to human health.

Skunk next to rocks

Skunk Control

Solitary animals, skunks tend to shy away from human populations and keep to their own concerns. They tend to forage in green spaces or gardens, looking for cover under decks or porches where it might be harder to find them. But, once they have been frightened or threatened, you know immediately there is a skunk close by. While skunks are not overly known for carrying diseases, they can pass viruses like avian flu.

Commercial and Residential Humane Wildlife Removal Services In Vancouver

Having nuisance wildlife on your property is stressful, no matter if you’re a home or business owner. At Critter Control, we understand this better than anyone. We are also aware of the methods required to remove wildlife from different properties, taking into consideration your unique situation. 

Residential customers are focused on keeping themselves and their families safe. Our team takes a comprehensive approach to your home and can develop strategies for removal and preventative measures that ensure complete peace of mind.

Commercial clients tend to need different, more robust solutions due to the size of their spaces since they tend to adhere to strict guidelines. Restaurants, warehouses, retail stores, apartment buildings, healthcare facilities, and hotels are all potential areas where wildlife can invade. Our team looks at the full scope of your commercial space and develops solutions based on their experience and knowledge of unique pest concerns.

How to Prevent Future Wildlife Infestations

To prevent animal issues, you can take steps to avoid wildlife finding food or shelter on your property. Exclusion methods are the most effective long-term solution, and they don’t involve chemicals or other extreme measures. This might involve seasonal checks and ongoing efforts, but they can help in the long run to ensure your home or business is not shared with animals. 

  • Search for openings and cover vents
  • Avoid leaving out food or trash
  • Regularly maintain your green space to eliminate hiding spots

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