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The Hidden Dangers of Raccoon Damage: Protecting Your Home from Costly Destruction

Raccoons are cute and intelligent animals. They are also crafty, stubborn, and strong. Growing over 15 kgs and nearly a meter long, raccoons can create significant damage to your home.

Raccoon Damage to Roof

Raccoons are fairly industrious when it comes to finding a way into your home. Excellent climbers, raccoons can easily get onto your roof. When possible, raccoons will exploit an existing hole. Despite the fairly large size of raccoons, the hole doesn’t have to be big. An adult raccoon can fit into a hole the size of a softball (10 cm).

In the worst-case scenario, a raccoon will create or expand holes, tear off roof shingles, or destroy vents. Raccoons are powerful creatures for their size, and they have tough paws and sharp claws to help bypass obstacles that other animals would have trouble with. Here are a few examples that Critter Control technicians have encountered in Toronto

Raccoon Damage in the Attic

Attics have all the elements for an ideal raccoon den. They are secure, dark, and dry with plenty of materials to create a den. A female raccoon will tear up insulation to create dens for their young.

Raccoons tend to defecate in one area (latrines sites). Extreme caution is required when cleaning up raccoon latrines, as their feces can contain thousands of roundworm eggs that are harmful to both humans and domestic pets. Since close proximity to raccoon droppings can lead to the contraction of diseases or parasites, individuals should always wear disposable gloves, shoe coverings, and masks when attempting to clean latrines without professional assistance.

Raccoon Control

Setting a cage trap will not solve your raccoon problem. Even if you do trap and remove the raccoon, you need to repair your house. Holes left by raccoons invite other nuisance wildlife like squirrels, rats, and bats into your home. Destroyed insulation makes your house less efficient. Raccoon urine and feces can spread diseases to you and your loved ones. The most effective, long-term solution to a raccoon infestation is a whole home exclusion.