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How Do Animals Get Into My House?

Wild animals are resourceful. Animals have the same basic need as people. A home that provides food, water, and shelter for a person provides food, water, and shelter for an animal too. Wildlife rarely use the front door, and it can be tricky to find how an animal gets into your house

Can you find the hole in this house where squirrels squeezed into it?

Why are there animals in my house?

It’s a popular misconception that the age or condition of the home has anything to do with nuisance wildlife conflicts. Something as innocuous as how the sun shines on your home could attract certain wildlife. Any number of reasons can attract an animal into your home such as:

  • Animals might choose your home for a specific biological reason
  • Animals might prefer the area your home is located
  • Predators might be driving an animal in your home
  • Your home might have gaps that make it more accessible

Animals can squeeze through surprisingly small holes. If an entry point is not the correct size, most wildlife can create a hole. Rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels have sharp incisors that can gnaw through most home materials. Raccoons are strong and clever. They can tear through shingles, soffits, and fascia boards.

Animals can squeeze through surprisingly small holes.

AnimalDiameter Size of HoleExample
Mice6.35 mmPen Cap
Bats6.5 mmPencil
Rats25 mmQuarter
Squirrels38 mmGolf Ball
Raccoons127 mmGrapefruit

Squirrel Entry Hole in Toronto

From the street, the hole is almost invisible. A squirrel was able to gnaw a hole at the roof return. It likely used the downspout to gain access to the gutters. The gutters acted as a highway giving the squirrel access to the entire roof.

How to Find Entry Points

During an inspection, the Critter Control wildlife technician starts where you the homeowner notice a nuisance. It can be a thumping sound late at night or a strange odor from the walls. From there, we inspect the interior and the exterior of your home for potential entry points. That can lead us to crawl through your entire attic or squirm under your house in the crawlspace.