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yellow bellied marmot in vancouver

Vancouver Marmots in Cars

Marmots are large rodents that often-become nuisances to gardeners, farmers, and homeowners due to their appetites and burrowing habits. There are four marmot species in BC: the hoary marmot, the yellow-bellied marmot, the critically endangered Vancouver Island marmot and the woodchuck. The yellow-bellied marmots (aka rockchucks) and woodchucks are the ones most likely to be …

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Rodents Activity in the Winter

As winter approaches, some animals start behaving very differently: some hibernate, some enter a state called torpor, and others experience a process known as brumation. Some animals, like squirrels, do not hibernate, but simply fatten themselves up in the fall and store food for months of relative inactivity—an approach to winter that might be relatable …

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