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Nuisance Wildlife in Spring

Temperatures rise and animal activity goes up after dormant winter. Mammals give birth in the spring so female animals are looking for safe places to create dens or nest to give birth. Most Common Wildlife/Rodents Squirrels Raccoons Opossums Mice/Rats Muskrats

Nuisance Wildlife in Summer

Influences to Animal Behavior Animals have given birth in the spring are now raising their young. Female mammals are providing food for their young. Eventually young will grow and start gathering their own food. Most Common Wildlife/Rodents Bats Rats Mice Opossums Chipmunks Birds -Chimney Swifts, Woodpeckers, Pigeons Burrowing animals – moles, gophers

Nuisance Wildlife in Autumn

Influences to Animal Behavior Temperatures cooling and critters are preparing for winter. Some animals will hibernate or migrate to escape the cold Canadian winters. For the animals that do neither, they prepare for winter. Some animals eat more to increase fat stores. Other animals like squirrels create food caches. They’re also looking for safe places …

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Nuisance Wildlife in Winter

Influences to Animal Behavior Rats and mice stay active year round. They need warm places close to food sources. Your house provides both. Most Common Wildlife/Rodents Rats Mice